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Home Watch

  • check/adjust temperatures

  • ensure everything is in place

  • check for leaks, damages etc.

  • mail forgotten items

  • water indoor plants

  • and more!

As a keyholder to your home, Dee will ensure everything is in place and taken care of whether you're on vacation or a seasonal resident. She can:

Resource Referral

  • arborist/tree trimming

  • landscaper/lawn care service

  • snow removal

  • electrician

  • plumbing/heating

  • painters

  • home repair/handyman

  • sign design

As a lifelong resident of the Lakes area, Dee has relationships with numerous professionals for all of your home care and repair needs. If you need it, Dee will arrange it! She can facilitate communication and completion of projects with area respected professionals such as:

  • home renovation/contractor​

  • interior design

  • realtor

  • roofing

  • basement repair

  • concrete specialist

  • overhead doors

  • and more!

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